Special Requests

Commercial Clients
We can arrange to redecorate your premesis outside of your normal operating hours; either over a weekend or at night time, we can work when suits you best.


Domestic Clients
We have several regular clients where the client has left the country for business or pleasure leaving us the keys of their property to carry out the project while they are away.  This means they do not have to deal with any disruption and return home to a completed project.

If you have ever thought of doing this and are unsure of who to use, our clients are more than happy to recommend us. For more information on this service call us today and we can arrange for you to talk to some of our clients.


Non-allergen Paint
There is a great range of new products on the market that are non-toxic or harmful to the environment but the other great advantage of these products is that they reduce the risk of a reaction in both young children and adults with asthma, sensitive eyes or skin.